The Author Is Speechless

The Author Is Speechless

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    The book he wrote wasn't some ordinary book, nor was he an ordinary person. He holds the ability to see the future unknowingly and writes it down as great stories.

    Little did he know, he would wake up in a different body in a world where he finds out the characters in his book…A world of magic, swords and monsters.

    'Wait, this isn't a world from my novel. It's a real world and the novel is just my prediction of some people just like the guardian said. So I will just enjoy the show as an audience and leave after the story ends. I have a whole new world to discover in front of me.'

    But what awaits him was something he could never imagine. In front of the world, in front of the whole universe, his assumption was just a grind of sand. The truth of the world made him rethink his life and the life he lived back in another world.

    Viktor North, the author, finds himself in the middle of the whole universe where he was nothing but an extra later in his life as he kept living. An extra who was abandoned by his mother, his brother who was an elemental guardian and also a demigod, his race and the God.

    'But I prefer to sleep than going against these unwanted people and unwanted problems. I want to sleep. I just want to shut my eyes and sleep under my warm blanket, probably forever if it's possible.'

    This is the story of an author, a grand magician, a guardian who somehow became a god and the only thing he could think of was sleep.

    He is the definition of what a 'Shut-in' is.

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