The Big Boss & His Dainty Wife

The Big Boss & His Dainty Wife

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    “Come here, little one!” “No way!”

    What to do when the wife is angry? The big-shot CEO is filthy rich, showering her with extravagant displays of love every day! Today a luxury car, tomorrow a mansion, the day after a private jet…

    In a media interview: “What was the most expensive gift you have given your wife?” “So far, our son!” “You treat your wife so well, she must surely love you!” CEO laughs confidently, “Without a doubt!”

    Arriving home, his delicate wife throws a divorce contract at him, “Dongfang Yu, sign this!”

    “Hai Xiaotang, all you think about is divorce. Don’t think I can’t handle you!” The CEO, full of fury, cracks his knuckles, “A washboard, an abacus, a keyboard, a durian…choose one!”

    “Durian!” The CEO ends up kneeling on the durian with a thud!

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