The Doctor's Three-Time Marriage

The Doctor's Three-Time Marriage

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    After transmigrating, Su Liang married the same man three times.

    The first time, it was just a transaction.

    The second time, it was still a transaction.

    The third time, it was…

    “Third time’s the charm. Let’s make it real,” Gu Ling said.

    Female Lead’s Perspective:

    She was a military doctor who transmigrated, and she became a miserable village girl who would be killed by her scheming relatives.

    After seeking revenge, with nowhere else to go, she ended up living with a handsome husband. Her husband was a literal trickster. Their life together was full of ups and downs, with twists and turns and more downs…

    “How about we part ways?” Su Liang suggested seriously.

    The handsome husband said, “Let’s talk about that in our next life.”

    Male Lead’s Perspective:

    Born with special abilities, he chose to live in seclusion. He always made people around him leave, but she was the first person he asked to stay.

    Gu Ling believed that he and Su Liang were destined to be together.

    Anyone against it?

    He was always saving people, but occasionally killing a few was no big deal.

    [A strong, wise, and growth-oriented female lead who transmigrated VS a male lead with both divine and earthly abilities]

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