The Emperor Is My Brother's Best Friend

The Emperor Is My Brother's Best Friend
오빠 절친이 황제랍니다

The Emperor Is My Brother's Best Friend

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    “Ahhh! Elliot! Why? What are you—why? … Why?!”

    Rose Honeywell, the beloved sister of Duke Honeywell, living her life as a rose nurtured in a greenhouse.

    Everything changed on the day Elliot Proud, her fiancé, randomly attacks her brother at the year-end celebration, then chases her down and murders her.

    “I can’t forgive you. I CAN’T FORGIVE YOU!”

    In the last moments of her short life, gnashing her teeth while shedding bitter tears of regret, Rose returns a month before everything ends.

    She won’t suffer like in the past!

    As she fights to survive, His Majesty, her brother’s close friend, slowly finds his way into her heart.

    But the secrets of her family surround her and tighten like a noose.

    Will Rose be able to change her horrific future with a chance of happiness?

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