The Greatest Beast Tamer of Earth

The Greatest Beast Tamer of Earth

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    In the year 2050, a colossal spaceship suddenly appeared above Earth.

    Governments worldwide panicked as they saw the vast spaceship that had just teleported near Earth. Before they could even understand the situation, one humanoid alien emerged.

    “Humans, I am your ancestor.”

    “We distributed our life code with an atmosphere-changing module device to many universes and galaxies, hoping to recover our numbers after the war.”

    “I will now awaken the earth's mana core and install a dimensional dungeon system, which will open many dungeons around the earth.”

    “I'm also connecting Earth with a System.”

    “This will help you awaken faster and get strong enough to survive in our universe. Gaia(system) will explain to you other important things,” He finished and then disappeared with the spaceship as he was never present there.

    [Hello Humans, I am Gaia I will help you all to awaken and become strong]


    After 300 years, Earth is full of mana and many powerful beasts that roam all around the world.

    All people awaken their “Book of Contracts” when they are 10 years old by clearing the beginner's trial, but Rishi failed twice to clear his trial and only has one chance left.

    Which he has not used due to his fear of failing.

    Follow Rishi on his quest to overcome his fears and become “The Greatest Beast Tamer of Earth.”

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