The Greatest Disciple of the Evil Sect

The Greatest Disciple of the Evil Sect

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    “It’s not the people who claim they are evil you should worry about, it’s the ones that claim they are good”.

    What would a modern-day earthling do if they suddenly open their eyes to find themselves in a cultivation world?

    Suffering from an incurable disease since young, Yang Chen’s life came to an end due to the malicious stratagems of his relatives.

    Life, youth, love, wealth, family, he got to enjoy nothing.

    Bitter at the injustice he suffered, Yang Chen's soul was reincarnated into a whole new world where immortals and divine beings weren’t just myths.

    This time, he vowed to live a whimsical, self-serving, materialistic life.

    But what’s this? His starting point was the lowest of the low, a slave that was at the mercy of the Zhang clan.

    Can this still be called living? Raising a cry in defiance against his destiny, what appeared before him was the Greedvil system.

    Heaven-Defying Battle Skills, Supreme Pills, Weapons, Armours... anything that Yang Chen wants, can be purchased from the shop.

    In return, all Yang Chen had to do was commit evil acts. The Greedvil System ran on mischief points, his actions determined the points he earned.

    The greater the degree of evil, the higher the points!!!

    Hehe… Now wasn’t that great? Even the heavens want him to become a villain.

    Equipped with a healthy body and a powerful system, what kind of storms would Yang Chen create?

    “What’s that, a heavenly constitution? I, your grandfather can buy dozens of them. Beauties? The more the merrier. Villains? Who can hold a candle against me?”

    This is the story of a villain who sets on a journey to reach the martial peak. He will stomp on all the heavenly sons and pick up beauties on his way.

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