The Insignifcant Female Supporting Character Actually Became a Bigshot in the Novel!

The Insignifcant Female Supporting Character Actually Became a Bigshot in the Novel!

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    Xi Wan transmigrated into a novel! The system tied to her notified her that there had been changes in the major roles in the story!

    Firstly, the female protagonist was tied to an external hacking system! Secondly, the male protagonist was aware of the entire novel’s content! Thirdly, the villain in the novel was reborn and returned! Meanwhile, she had become an enemy to all three of them.

    As a major character in the novel, she needed to appear at fixed intervals to maintain stability in the world.

    ‘So, did you send me here to die?’ Xi Wan wondered.[You can choose to appease the female protagonist, fight for the male protagonist, or join forces with the villain. You have three options to change your fate!] The system announced.

    Xi Wan snorted and rolled her eyes.

    She would not choose from any of these three options. Hence, in the face of a tricky situation, while the system tried persuading her to clear her name, Xi Wan decisively backed out. She became an investor instead. Xi Wan smiled at the female protagonist’s friend.

    “It’s my pleasure to inform you that you have been kicked out!”

    [She’s the female protagonist’s friend. You can use her to win the female protagonist over! But... Nevermind. Since you don’t want to suck up to the female protagonist, you can choose to win the male protagonist over instead,] the system responded. When the male protagonist suddenly appeared in front of Xi Wan, she raised her brows.

    “Do you know why I haven’t reached out to you all this time?” Xi Wan asked. The male protagonist shook his head.

    ”It’s because I don’t want you to become someone who ruins another person’s marriage. Be a good boy, and forget about me.”

    Xi Wan gently touched the male protagonist’s face and walked away.When the system saw Xi Wan getting rid of two leading characters in quick succession, it instantly realized what she was up to.

    “I get it now. You want to join forces with the villain!” However, Xi Wan whistled as soon as she met the villain for the first time.

    “Hey, handsome! When are you free? Shall we get a divorce?”

    Just as the system believed this world could not be salvaged after seeing Xi Wan’s behavior, it realized Xi Wan not only escaped from her original fate, which was a terrible one, but she also became increasingly popular!

    The villain, reborn and waiting for Xi Wan to betray him, fell deep into thought after seeing Xi Wan live her leisurely life.’

    Who am I? Where am I? I feel like a joke for being so defensive against you...’ The villain thought.

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