The King of Faries is now a Demon Lord

The King of Faries is now a Demon Lord

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    Meet Irakiel, the Fairy King with a face that could make the devil jealous, and the “totally not boasting, just stating facts” indirect sibling of the Supreme Nirvana Ancestrial Monarchial Absolute God Emperor.

    Life was a breeze until he pulled off a two-million-year resurrection stunt. Now, in a world where everything has evolved, one thing stayed constant – Irakiel's charm. He insists he's not a narcissist anymore, but hey, he's still HIM, blame fate, not him!

    Or so he was blaming Fate until he got this notification....


    [Lady Fate is laughing at your luck and sending extremely seductive winks.... with L-lip b-bites?! That's not the end of it!... LADY FATE YOU DARE! Ban!!! EMERGENCY!! We need a thot repellent!]

    Since then, Irakiel has never fully recovered from his state of shock.

    A Great Author named Oink once said,

    “Keep your enemies close and their wives, closer.”