The Lucky Heiress

The Lucky Heiress

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    The Divine Doctor Wei Ruo, having transmigrated into the side character of a novel, was abandoned in the countryside without a word from anyone for ten years, and was only brought back when she turned thirteen.

    Everyone saw that she spent her days only knowing how to plant flowers, herbs and crops, so they undoubtedly thought she was just a peasant woman.

    As the genuine daughter among the true and false daughters of the story, Wei Ruo neither wanted to fall in love with the male protagonist, nor compete for favour with the female protagonist. She was singularly focused on making money, making money, making money!

    While the false daughter was still worried about Wei Ruo's return affecting her status, Wei Ruo had already silently amassed a small fortune.

    While the false daughter was still trying to attract the attention of the male protagonist, Wei Ruo was already a wealthy businesswoman.

    She had both the money and grain that she wanted, and opened one shop after another.

    Later on, her brother became the Prime Minister, her father became the General, and the one sitting on the throne was her husband.

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