The Lucky Star Blessing the Whole Village

The Lucky Star Blessing the Whole Village

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    25th century prodigy Xiao Wushuang was betrayed and killed by her boyfriend and sister, but woke up again to find herself reincarnated as a farmgirl and equipped with a spatial pocket with a luck stat. No longer a technocrat, she decided to change her lifestyle to become a hunter, a farmer and a humble merchant.

    Any crop she farmed would be approved with double A-grade, popularity guaranteed.

    She reared a worm, and it soon opened new routes for the village.

    She started a company, and it became the largest global conglomerate for farm produce.

    With that, the village somehow managed to get a cut.

    Just as she ventured further on the path of riches, a child came out of nowhere, hugging her leg and crying, “Mommy, don’t you love me anymore?”

    Xiao Jinli was left staring at him, dumbstruck, “You got the wrong woman, kid. I’m not your mommy!”

    “I don’t care! You’re the most beautiful woman, that makes you mommy!”

    Exasperated, she took the boy home, and thus the unmarried village treasure became an unmarried mother… until a handsome man arrived, “I’ve finally found you!”

    This is the legendary tale of a farmgirl with a spatial pocket, leading the village to the top of the world!

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