The Peasant Wife Is a Lucky Charm

The Peasant Wife Is a Lucky Charm

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    Food blogger, Qin Zhenzhen, transmigrated into a novel and became a young chubby girl who forcibly married a handsome guy. The handsome guy was truly attractive, but he was the villain in the novel. He was sinister and vicious, and everyone in his family was cannon fodder.

    She couldn’t afford to mess with him. With that in mind, she hurriedly approached him and asked for a divorce.

    The handsome man narrowed his eyes. “Do you want a peaceful divorce? Fat chance!”

    Since a peaceful divorce was impossible, she’d have to change the storyline.

    At first, she thought this was going to be a difficult journey with many obstacles. However, it turned out to be a smooth ride, and she unexpectedly became pampered by everyone around her.

    People were born kind. The supposed villain, who didn’t experience all those terrible things in the novel, could actually have a positive outlook in life.

    “I’m capable of getting rid of all feelings of jealousy and dissatisfaction. I can also lead a family to the path of wealth. Meanwhile, I also managed to conquer a man who only wanted to take revenge on me from the very beginning,” the female lead said.

    “I’m all about scheming and strategies. Anyone who messes with me will die, and anyone who bullies me will also die. As for the woman who both messed with me and bullied me, I’ll punish her by making her stay with me for the rest of our lives,” the male lead said.

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