The Prime Minister's Darling

The Prime Minister's Darling

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    She was supposed to be a lady of the Marquis’ mansion but became a farmer’s daughter due to a mix-up at birth.

    After painstakingly growing up into a beautiful and graceful lady, nobody came to propose to her.

    Many said she was ugly and mentally challenged or a cursed child who brought misfortune to her parents.

    But her husband, whom she picked up along the way, was actually the future Prime Minister.

    The little monk she adopted on the mountain was one of the six Divine Generals.

    Even the old lady she rescued without much thought turned out to be the current Empress.

    A certain man said fiercely, “Dear, I’ll deal with anyone who dares to bully you!”

    The Divine General said, “Sister, just tell me whichever territory of the six kingdoms you want. I’ll conquer it for you!”

    The Empress said, “The Emperor bullied my darling? Just wait! I’ll depose him right away!”