The supporting character's harem is very normal

The supporting character's harem is very normal

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    Hm... Fantasy battle, smart MC, smart heroins, supper plot twist...etc... are all things that... this novel doesn't have.

    This place only has... Stupid MC, Normal heroins, normal plot, slice of life and... some sh*t thing.

    I just want to write what I want no matter how bad it is. ( ' 3')


    After going bankrupt, with nothing left in his hands, Lathel died at the age of 50. After his death, a god offered him a chance to go to another world and help the male protagonists.

    His mission was to solve the problems surrounding the heroines so that the male protagonists could easily get along with them.

    To be more precise, his job was similar to that of a chef. He would Process the ingredients and cook a sumptuous feast, while the male protagonists just needed to sit at the table and enjoy it.

    After completing his mission, he was threatened by a stranger. In the face of this threat Lathel just smiled and decided to commit suicide.

    After he died, those heroines also dropped their facade and revealed their true nature.

    Lathel once again met the god who helped him. This time, the god allowed him to choose the world he wanted to go to as a gift for completing his task.

    He then chose a Fantasy world, a place most men dreamt of.

    However, the Fantasy world had too many people to choose from, moreover the number of main character and antagonist slots were all full.

    In the end, Lathel accepted to take on the role of an extremely weak supporting character to go to the Fantasy world.

    However, this time he didn't need to work or help the main character. He just needed to not affect the main character's development.

    Lathel: “Hm... as long as it doesn't affect the main character... then... Can I make a harem?”

    God: “Of course.”

    Lathel: “Hm... so... I just need to avoid the main character's woman.”

    God: “That's right. You just need to try to survive in that world. Ah! I will give you a system that will help you have a good life in that world. I Hope you enjoy this new life.”

    Lathel: “Um! So my harem will consist of lackluster women, it seems like a peaceful life is waiting for me.”

    God: “Hm... not really...”

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