The Transmigrated Author

The Transmigrated Author

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    Axel, a struggling novelist, stumbles upon an otherworldly online writing tool promising an unprecedented level of realism for storytelling. Interested, he hurriedly signs up without reading into the terms and conditions. Ready to breathe life into his almost-finished novel, Axel excitedly imports his work into the platform shortly before drifting off to sleep.

    To his surprise, Axel awakens as an unnamed character within the very world he once wrote. the website's terms concealed a mysterious clause, entwining his destiny with that of the novel he created.

    chapter release per week: 7-12

    Projection of chapters: 900 - 1000 chapters

    Side stories if completed? - Maybe

    (If you guys love reading the novel, All I can say is that gifting creates 2 more chapters + 2 scheduled chapters on release. ₍^. ̫.^₎)

    Releases for chapters are scheduled at midnight AEDT time.

    Discord Server Coming soon.

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