The Villain's Shopping System

The Villain's Shopping System

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    In the year 2050, the world changed drastically when mysterious portals began to randomly appear, bringing with them terrifying monsters dubbed Transcendents and unimaginable dangers. Humanity nearly collapsed entirely, and the survivors took refuge in cities and secure areas, protected by individuals with special abilities called Awakened. These Awakened were the only humans capable of entering the portals and exploring the unknown realms on the other side, in search of resources, treasures, glory, or answers.

    Kaito, on the other hand, was just an unhappy young man who found solace in a classic online game called Mortal Tower, where he created an avatar of a powerful and charismatic villain. While many hoped to become Awakened, Kaito believed that even if he lived a million lives, he would never have the fortune to become one. However, one fateful day, fate played a trick on him. He woke up and naturally looked at his reflection in the bathroom mirror, but he could hardly believe what he saw. Kaito strangely resembled his Mortal Tower avatar.

    And to make things even better, Kaito somehow inherited the purchasing system from Mortal Tower, which would allow him to buy all kinds of items, from rare abilities to legendary equipment!

    Now, Kaito has to deal with his new life in an almost post-apocalyptic world full of opportunities, but also with a new great challenge called Celestial Abode, something even greater than the classic dungeon-crawling portals, something so similar to the early floors of Mortal Tower that it scares him. However, Kaito sets a goal for himself: conquer the top of both worlds, but he doesn't know it will cost him his selflessness.

    (Obs: No, he's still not a villain at first. There is a development for him to become a villain.)