The World Conquest: Giving Birth To Become A God

The World Conquest: Giving Birth To Become A God

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    After a sudden and inexplicable transmigration, Maximus finds himself in a fantasy world where extraordinary power exists. But he is not without his advantages; he possesses a system that grants him the ability to become stronger as he takes on wives and birthed children.

    Determined to conquer this new world, Maximus uses his cheat to gather wives and birth children, building up his power and influence. As he gains more allies and resources, he sets his sights on the ultimate prize: ruling the world and surpassing even gods.

    However, the road to conquest is not an easy one. He must contend with powerful factions, rival conquerors, and unexpected challenges as he builds his ideal empire. But with his cunning mind, he is determined to succeed and become the greatest conqueror the world has ever seen.

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