Thriller Night Talk

Thriller Night Talk

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    Every Thursday at midnight, tune the FM button. Behind a blank hiss, maybe you will hear a broadcast like this: “Welcome to Midnight Radio Station “Thriller Night Talk”. This is the anchor Bei Quan. Please tell us about your story; no matter how bizarre it is.”

    The rich second-generation Wei Fuyuan broke up with his family and was cut off from his financial source. He accidentally broke into a broadcasting studio to apply for a part-time job.

    Wei Fuyuan: This place is small and shabby. The front desk lady is so fierce and her assistant is a three-year-old child laborer?? Are you really a regular company!

    Bei Quan: During the internship period, the monthly salary is 7800 Yuan, including three meals and accommodation. Do you want it or not?

    Wei Fuyuan : I’ll do it if I can live next door to you!

    On the first night at work, Master Wei found out that this company called Sāntúchuān was more irregular than he thought.

    Colleagues felt that there were ghosts in the world, and the audience said that they were dead, and they had to follow the poisonous anchor. The crime scene…

    Wei Fuyuan : Wait, isn’t this the job of the police?!

    Bei Quan: Look over there, the ghost is here.

    Wei Fuyuan: Ah, ah, don’t come near me! The young master doesn’t like women’s ghosts. Don’t get me… Eat my righteous face-breaking fist!

    What you see may not be true, and what you hear may not be true.

    The truth and falsity interweaved between the story, the stand-in for a crime they didn’t, betrayal after betrayal, money and love…

    Pursue the mystery, punish evil and promote good

    This is the Thrilling Night talk for you—

    Don’t be afraid.

    [Wei Fuyuan the rich second generation born with aura to attack x mysterious poisonous tongue Bei Quan]

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