Titan Rising Online: World Breaker

Titan Rising Online: World Breaker

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    Titan Rising Online is the virtual reality game of an era.

    One that has never been seen before and would probably never be seen again.

    In an era where men have conquered the stars and seeded worlds, Titan Rising Online raised the bar and set the standard for what Virtual Reality Pro Gaming Is all about.

    But all good things must come to an end as finally, the servers of the legendary game would finally be put to sleep. But it wouldn’t go out without a bang!

    With a final event that would ‘change the world’ in the works. Five million lucky people across the cosmos have been chosen to participate in a final Tower Climb event of 25 floors.

    This Event drew aspiring yet recently heart broken pro gamer Cole Night. And unlike his previous play style, the heart broken young man is out for blood, domination and the kind of success that would bring the universe quivering to its knees at the mere sound of his name.

    But glory was not just enough as revenge against the woman who broke his heart and dark underworld of this era that had taken his brothers for him pushed him to become more than just a pro player.

    However the longer he participated in this event, the more he began to notice changes to himself and to his reality. Soon enough it will become hard to tell the difference between the virtual world and the real world, and Titan Rising Online’s Final event will be exactly what it’s advertisement says it is.

    An Event That Will Change Reality As They Know It! And Cole would be right in the middle of it all, dripping blood and Oozing power.

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