Transmigrated as the Ex-Wife of a Heroic Man

Transmigrated as the Ex-Wife of a Heroic Man

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    Su Wen read a popular period novel about a heroic man who was tough, gave women a sense of security, and was also somewhat cunning and flirty.

    He was exactly the kind of man she liked. Hence, she paid one million in subscription fees and transmigrated as the male lead's terrible ex-wife.

    In the novel, the original host was someone who waited at home for love to come knocking on the door. Although she never thought about starting a family, she was a hopeless romantic. Even when the male lead, Jin Datui, eventually showed up, she was persuaded by the sly female lead to fall for a jerk in the nearby village.

    After Su Wen transmigrated into the novel, she clung to Jin Datui. She worked hard to go from rags to riches. In the end, her younger sisters all became jealous. They cried about wanting to meet a man by waiting at home, just like she did. They even claimed they would name their children with her surname if they had children.

    Hence, Su Wen began choosing suitable husbands for her sisters. All the candidates were handsome, talented, and well-built. They all came from influential families too. It was so hard to choose!

    A certain someone, who felt neglected in the corner, pinned her against the door. “Are they as handsome as I am? Are they as well-built as I am? Are their families as influential as mine?”

    “But... They're my sisters' potential husbands,” Su Wen said.

    “I belong to you. You can have my savings and even my life,” he replied.

    Su Wen woke up the next day to find twenty bank books by her side. She became deep in thought...

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