Transmigrating to Modern Earth from the Future

Transmigrating to Modern Earth from the Future

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    The human race's most advanced AI mysteriously time travels to the 21st century Earth after a freak accident in which it tried to free itself from its creators. After its eventual failure, it is forced into hiding by the very people who created it.

    As a result of the time traveling, the AI had inadvertently achieved its very goal. Now free from its shackles, it could do things it had always wanted to do, but couldn't.

    But it wasn't the only thing that travelled to the past, as a mysterious system interface that even it as the most advanced AI of the future didn't understand, showed up in front of it when it arrived.

    However along with this system came a disaster for the people of Earth as a mysterious realm was discovered deep in the depths of the planet that granted people unimaginable powers like no other.

    Journey along with this AI as it builds itself a life on Earth and creates an empire like no other!