Vampire Lord's Demonic Wives

Vampire Lord's Demonic Wives

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    “I shall fuck every woman's hole and mouth until I become the undefeated vampire lord of lust!”

    With a demoness of lust fell on his boner, Zoravec, a 19 years old seemingly human struggled to keep his carnal desires in control.

    The only one way to find his mate is dual cultivate with every single existing woman! But things go wrong when his vampire blood activated the bloodlust, and his first sex partner dies of blood loss.

    Zoravec has no bloodline due to his mixed blood. But his power outbursts are no match for other vampire nobles. Especially with the huge harem of beauties who possess every kind of lethal power, who are at his beck and call.

    What chaos will the hatred towards his own kind bring?

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