Villain With The Strongest System

Villain With The Strongest System

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    For as long as records about humanity and monsters existed, so did the tower of ascension.

    Those amongst men who were chosen to enter the tower were given the tag 'Climber' and were worshipped as warrior's who had transcended mere mortals.

    Rocky, who had aspired to be a Climber for as long as he could remember, found his dreams and nightmares merging on the very day he was endowed with powers as the very day that he got selected as a climber became the day when his sister was abducted, ensnaring him in a web of conspiracies that spiralled far beyond his wildest imaginations.

    Bound by a system not meant for him, Rocky gained unparalleled power and attention that came with his position as the 'Champion' of gods, however, without the strength to back his position, he became an easy prey for envious vultures.

    In this tale of ambition, power, and vengeance, Rocky's journey through the Tower of Ascension promises not just answers to his darkest questions, but a confrontation with his own nature.

    Will he emerge as the saviour he never intended to be, or will he succumb to the darkness within, becoming the very villain he fears?

    This is a story of how the line between hero and villain blurs when faced with the ultimate stakes, making Rocky's ascent a thrilling saga of survival, betrayal, and desperate choices.