Young Demon

Young Demon

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    Daniel a handsome genius boy reincarnated in a novel world called The Strongest Magic Emperor.

    But not as a protagonist nor as a side-character but as the true antagonist

    a cruel and handsome talented genius boy who controlled and overlooked world and many races .

    but there was a problem--actually a very big problem , how should he survive and win against the heaven-blessed child who known as the protagonist ?

    He was smart , had heaven-defying talent and even terrfying background but could this things stop the heaven-blessed child who has the help of the long river of fate and even heaven-defying protagonist halo ? Of course the answer is a big no

    When he was in a desperate situation and looking for a way to escape from his fate

    [Ding .. system activated]

    [Congratulations for activating Ruler of Fate system]

    [As long as you succeed in stealing heaven-blessed children luck and fate You can receive heaven-defying rewards]

    [System Hint: The main and Biggest part of protagonists luck is because of their women]

    Follow Daniel on his journey to see how he becomes a supreme being who is not bounded by fate and death but who controls the long river of fate and the bridge of Saṃsāra.

    And at the same time he embraces beauty

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