Gain A Cute Wife By 'Kidnap'

Gain A Cute Wife By 'Kidnap'

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    As a naive teenager, he was unaware of his own superiority.

    Shang Xiaojie realized the violent man who had tricked him into a hotel was actually his brother-in-law.

    He struggled and tears streamed down his face as he pleaded, “Let me go, you idiotic beast!”

    “I may be foolish, but a beast? Can’t you at least admit to that?” he asked.

    After drugging Shang Xiaojie, he callously taunted, “You’re just a male prostitute who comes running whenever I snap my fingers. You’re nothing, Shang Xiaojie.”

    Devastated, Shang Xiaojie swore, “Mussaf, I hate you and I’ll make you regret this.”

    Upon his return five years later, he was accompanied by a young boy.

    Shang Mingming asked, “Is that man my father?”

    Shang Xiaojie responded coldly, “No, I don’t know someone like him.”

    Furious, Mussaf demanded, “Where are you taking my son?”

    Shang Xiaojie grinned and replied nonchalantly, “I’m getting married to another man. There’s nothing you can do about it.”

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