One-Click Upgrade: Super Decomposition System

One-Click Upgrade: Super Decomposition System

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    Jiang Hao, who is a high school student, was struggling for his college entrance exam…

    However, this day, a super decomposition system appears in front of him suddenly.

    By decomposing different kinds of items, he can unlock and use any types of talented abilities, even the power of controlling the time and space.

    “Ding! Decomposing a math book, obtained one crystallization of mathematics!”

    “Ding! Decomposing an ant, obtained the ability: Superpower!”

    “Ding! Decomposing a spider, obtained the ability: Danger Sense!”

    “Ding! Decomposing a female ghost, obtained the ability: Divine Footwork!”


    From that moment on, Jiang Hao began his journey of adventuring this world. This strange world wasn’t simple as he thought.

    With the Super Decomposition System’s help, he explored the truth of world step by step, and unlock the secret in the deep.

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